Seller FAQs

Dear Sellers of Ethnicyug,

We get lot of queries from Sellers most of which are very common. Below are some Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which may help you get more clarity on Selling on

When will I get my Payment?

You will receive payments for your sales within 15 days of shipping the products. Please note we also do not get our commission on sale till you get payment as per RBI guidelines related to marketplace functioning. We therefore would like to give money faster to you since that helps us also. You need to make sure the status of the shipment is changed to "Shipped to Customer" with valid tracking details by logging to your vendor panel. For any finance related query send email to . If you are a new seller, your first payment can take upto 30 days since we need that time to setup your account for electronic payments..

What is your Commission percentage?

Our commission is 14% including service tax which comes to effectively 13.5% of total sale value.

I uploaded products but they are not live on my shop. Why?

We review all the product uploads to make sure the photo quality is acceptable and the products are not illegal/offensive in nature. We take max 48 hours to do it so your products can take max 48 hours to appear in your shop on

I have received an international order. How do I ship?

For international orders, currently we are not providing bundling services to our sellers. Which means for international orders only you need to send the products on your own. The address to ship the products is in the bottom of the shipment email you receive.

Do I need to invoice the customer?

Yes, invoicing to customer and any taxation related to either domestic or international sale is strictly your responsibility. is a platform like which provides selling related services and therefore charges service commission for the sale from you.

How do I get more marketing support from Ethnicyug? is a neutral platform and supports marketing of seller shops in a neutral manner. However, we promote sellers which update/add products more frequently, have great photo quality, have good dispatch history with minimum refunds and have good product price/quality. We do have paid marketing support for promotion which you can request from your vendor panel after buying requisite marketing packs.

Do you have any listing charges?

Currently we do not have any per item listing charges. You are free to upload as many products you want.

Do you provide support in uploading the products?

Yes, we have an outsourced web production team which charges Rs. 10/sku for uploading your products. We will be happy to connect you to them if you need uploading support.

How do I login to my vendor panel?

Please login to your vendor panel here with your email id and password

How will I know if I received any order?

We send you instant email and sms for any order received by you. Also the orders will be available in your vendor panel.

How do I update tracking details of the shipment?

Please login to your vendor panel and put tracking details by opening your shipment. Please make sure any search filters are not clicked if you do not see your shipment.

Do I need to sign any physical agreement?

No, like we have an electronic agreement with you which you accept when you register your shop on These are listed here for your reference: Policy for Sellers: and General Terms and Conditions:

I have forgotten my vendor panel password. How do I reset it?

Please send email to to reset your password.

Hope these answers to your general queries will help you.

Thanks for your time. Enjoy Selling!


Ethnicyug Team